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Vote for proposals

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    To participate in the voting process, community members will need to have access to the public page where the proposal/ multi-linked proposals is posted. This allows them to review the proposal, provide feedback, and vote on various aspects of the object.
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    Voter can to access to the multi-linked proposal by signing in with Web2 accounts or connecting to Web3 wallets. Syncvote provides maximum flexibility for voters to access and cast their votes
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    Voters can view the progress and access a specific passed checkpoint to see all available information about that checkpoint
The public page for voter will be shown as in the below screenshots:
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    Based on their login information, the voting page will show current active checkpoints and their permission to vote.
If there is an active checkpoint but the user don't have permission to vote on this checkpoint, the user will only be able to observe the voting process without participating in it. The vote button will be disabled for them.
Voters can review the proposal and examine the accompanying documents to make a well-informed decision on whether to support any options of the checkpoint/ proposal or not.
Once the voter has cast their vote, the voting results will be displayed in real-time on the right-hand side of the screen. This allows voters to stay up-to-date on the current status of the voting process and track the progress of the multi-linked proposal.
To see more details about the project's progress, voters can select the "View Progress" option. This provides them with a more in-depth look at how the FanZee project is evaluating and helps them to make more informed investment decisions.
At the bottom of the public page, there is a section where voters can share their thoughts and comments about the FanZee project.
At the end of the workflow when the last checkpoint has passed. Related enforcers will activated and show status update in this screen.
Once the process has been completed, the public page will display the results of each checkpoint and the status of the enforcer's actions. This provides transparency and accountability throughout the investment process and ensures that all stakeholders can see the outcome of the process.