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Use an available workflow to create a multi-link proposal

View template library
When creating a new workflow, the user has the option to choose an existing workflow as a template to apply. This can save time and effort by allowing the user to build on an established framework and customize it to meet the specific needs of the new workflow.

Review template

Before adding any data to the workflow, it is important to check if it is set up correctly and meets the requirements.
Next step, users should enter the name of the project
If changes are needed, the user can go back to the workflow setting screen to make adjustments.

Input data to checkpoint

For each checkpoint, the user needs to input the voting options and duration.
When using polling vote, there is an additional field to specify the number of options each participant can vote for: "Number of options each participant can vote"
User can also choose to import option from the previous checkpoint (with polling vote and upvote)

Setup enforcer

The user needs to input remain information for the enforcer to execute:
  • Enforcer on chain: recipients address, number of tokens/ NFTs
  • Enforcer web2: content for post

Publish and share

Once you have published the proposal, you can share the link to the content with others in your community, as well as with anyone else who might be interested in your proposal. Sharing the link can help to increase visibility and engagement around your proposal, and may lead to valuable feedback and support from others who share your interests.