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Syncvote overview

Syncvote is a powerful application designed to help organizations, companies, and groups manage and create their voting processes. With Syncvote, you can easily set up and run a vote, with a range of customizable options to suit your needs.
But what really sets Syncvote apart is its on-chain process. Unlike traditional voting methods, the results of a vote in Syncvote are enforced entirely on the blockchain. This means that the results are transparent, tamper-proof, and can be easily audited.
Syncvote offers four different types of voting methods, each with its own way of tallying results on-chain. This allows you to choose the voting method that best suits your needs and ensures the integrity of the voting process. The four types of voting methods are:
  • Polling vote - This method is useful when you want to know the opinions of a group of people on a particular topic or issue. Participants can choose more than one option from a list of at least three choices. The voting result can include a single option or a list of options based on the voting condition settings.
  • Single choice vote - This method allows participants to choose between two options. The option that receives a voting result equal to or greater than the threshold value will be passed.
  • Upvote - This method allows participants to vote in favor of one or more options. The minimum number of options is one, and the voting result will include all the options available.
  • Veto vote - This method contains only one option: Veto. If the Veto option receives a voting result smaller than the threshold value, the proposal will be passed.