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Learn Syncvote basic

What is a single proposal?

A single proposal is a decision-making process where a group submits one proposal for consideration and voting. There is typically one round of voting, and participants can propose amendments. The process can include any relevant parties, and the voting method and enforcer can be set up according to the needs of the organization or group. The goal is to reach a clear and final outcome on a specific issue or topic.

What is a workflow?

A workflow is a structured process that includes several decision points, each of which called checkpoints. The workflow provides a clear and consistent framework for decision-making, allowing stakeholders to understand their roles and responsibilities at each step of the process. However, the workflow does not typically include customizable fields for voting options or duration, which are features that may be added in the multi-link proposal process
A multi-link proposal is a decision-making process that uses a workflow as a template. It allows users to add voting options and duration to each decision point, creating a more customizable decision-making process. Each decision point can be viewed as a separate proposal, and stakeholders are able to provide input and feedback before voting on the proposal.

What is a checkpoint?

A checkpoint in a workflow is a decision point that marks a specific step or stage in a process. At each checkpoint, stakeholders are required to provide input which includes all the relevant details and supporting information.

What is an enforcer?

An enforcer can be used to integrate with web 2.0 applications or take action on the blockchain. It enables users to create automated rules and conditions which are then enforced across multiple platforms, allowing for secure and efficient transactions while reducing manual effort.

How to differentiate 4 types of voting method

Polling vote
Single choice vote
Veto vote
Users can choose more than 1 option. The minimum option is 3. The voting result can include 1 option or a list of options based on the voting condition setting
Users can choose more than 1 option. The minimum option is 1. The voting result will include all the options available
Users can choose 1 of 2 options. The option which has voting result is equivalent to or bigger than the threshold value will be passed.
This type of voting contains only 1 option is Veto. If the VETO voting result is smaller than the threshold value, this proposal will be passed
Number of options
≥ 3
How many options does voter can choose?
≥ 1
Setup participant by
Token or role
Token or role
Token or role
Token or role