1. Workflow: A workflow is a structured process that includes several decision points, each of which called checkpoints. The workflow provides a clear and consistent framework for decision-making, allowing stakeholders to understand their roles and responsibilities at each step of the process.

  2. Proposal: A single proposal is a decision-making process where a group submits one proposal for consideration and voting. There is typically one round of voting, and participants can propose amendments.

  3. Multi-link proposal: A multi-link proposal is a decision-making process that uses a workflow as a template. It allows users to add voting options and duration to each decision point, creating a more customizable decision-making process. Each decision point can be viewed as a separate proposal, and stakeholders are able to provide input and feedback before voting on the proposal.

  4. Checkpoint: A checkpoint is a specific decision point in a workflow where stakeholders must make a decision or take action based on specific criteria. I

  5. Route: A route in a workflow refers to the setting of a time or duration between two checkpoints or between a checkpoint and an enforcer. This allows users to control the timing of their workflow and ensure that each step is completed within a specific timeframe. By setting routes, users can automate the workflow process and reduce the need for manual intervention.

  6. Enforcer: An enforcer is a section in proposal/ workflow that allows users to automate rules and conditions to be enforced across multiple platforms. This can enable integration with web 2.0 applications or take action on the blockchain. By reducing the need for manual effort, enforcers can improve security and efficiency in transactions

  7. Threshold: Threshold refers to a specific minimum value that must be met or exceeded in order to achieve a desired outcome, such as passing or failing a particular single proposal or multi-link proposal.

  8. Creator: A creator is an individual or team responsible for building and setting up the workflow, multi-link proposals, and single proposals for a particular project or task. In the context of a workflow, the creator designs and builds the various stages that need to be completed in order to move the project forward. This includes setting up checkpoints, defining tasks and deadlines, and outlining the necessary resources required for each stage.

  9. Voter: A voter is an individual who has the right to participate in the voting process for a specific checkpoint or proposal. The voter can be a member of an organization or a token holder, depending on the setting of the checkpoint or proposal.

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