Create your first workflow

View template library

There are 2 ways to build a workflow:

  • Use a template in the library: click View all templates in the library

  • Build a new workflow

Workflow name and number of checkpoints

Step 1: Enter workflow name

Step 2: Enter number of primary checkpoints. The checkpoint tree will have n checkpoint and 1 end node

Route detail

User have 2 options for setup time to start the next checkpoint:

  • Immediately: YES (the next checkpoint will be open right after the current checkpoint

  • Immediately: NO

    • Choose a duration

    • Choose a specific date

Checkpoint detail

Step 1: Choose voting method for checkpoint

Step 2: Setup checkpoint details

User should input the below fields before going to the next step

  • List of options

  • Voting results

    • Counted by: choose the object to tally the result

    • Number of results: the number of options will be selected as pass options

  • Voting condition : ON/OFF status

    • Number of options each participant can vote

    • Threshold calculated by

    • Threshold value for each result (% at least)

Enforcer detail

Enforcer now can do some actions on chain (transfer NFTs, tokens) and integrate with Web 2 applications such as Gmail, Airtable, Mailchimp, Twitter

Edit participants

If a role has no member in it, user can add new member to this role in this step

Review workflow and publish

Before publishing a workflow, it is important to review the checkpoint tree structure to ensure that it is set up correctly. The checkpoint tree structure represents the hierarchical organization of the decision points in the workflow, and should be reviewed to confirm that it accurately reflects the intended process.

To review the checkpoint tree structure, the user can click on any checkpoint or route in the workflow. This will show the detail settings for that particular decision point or pathway.

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