Product overview



The Syncvote is a powerful application designed to help organizations, companies, and groups manage and create their voting processes. The newly developed application is closely related to Hectagon.

While Hectagon focuses on providing an investment solution for retail investors, Syncvote serves as a complementary solution that streamlines the core workflow of DAOs and Communities by automating their processes and reducing their administrative overhead by up to 90%. Together, these applications offer a comprehensive ecosystem that facilitates seamless and efficient participation in the crypto market for both retail investors and DAOs/Communities.


Syncvote is a Solana based voting and governance platform for DAO and Community. Core technology behind Syncvote is DASH (Decision Acceleration Software Platform) design and developed by our team. It enable developers to save 90% the time and resources in building of Directed Graph with each Node has a Voting Mechanism with its own set of rule for voting and condition for moving to the next Node. Furthermore, it also integrated key Solana technology to enable:

  • Gas-free user experience through separating between Transaction & Instruction.

  • Smart contract automation

  • Cross-chain identity for any app build on it.

Core value

Syncvote is a platform that automates the workflow of DAOs and Communities, reducing administrative overhead and simplifying processes. Its core features include:

  • Customizable Workflow: Create and link multiple proposals, which can be one-off or repeatable, to build a customizable workflow.

  • Collaborative Voting: Members can vote using their Web3 wallet addresses of Solana and Ethereum (or any EVM compatible chain) or email, promoting convenience and ease of use.

  • Automatic Outcome Enforcement: After voting, the platform can automatically enforce outcomes, including sending notifications on various platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or Email, advancing the workflow to the next step, creating a follow-up proposal, transferring funds, and even replacing Manager and Admin roles.

With its suite of features, Syncvote is ideal for DAOs and Communities looking to streamline their processes and enhance their operational efficiency.

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